A smarter alarm.

Invite more security into your home

Simply activate via the “Away” profile the alarm system when you are out of the house in the evening. Your security camera will switch on automatically the moment a door or window is opened. You receive an immediate alert on your Smartphone, and can then check the situation at your home in real time. In addition, lights equipped with a wireless smart plug with dimmer go on. And the indoor siren sounds alarm too. Better safe than sorry.*

sicherheit sirene

Siren sounds alarm

sicherheit mood neu
sicherheit app

Use the app to switch on the alarm system

sicherheit schalter

Selected lights go on

sicherheit cam

The camera captures everything on video

sicherheit tuer fensterkontakt

Door-/window contact sends a signal to the camera

Anybody home?

Your home stays secure, even when you’re away

You are on vacation, but want your home to appear occupied? You can automatically set your curtains to open in the morning and be drawn again at night, switch your lights on in the evening and turn on the radio once in a while. With so much going on, nobody will believe the house is empty.

abwesenheit vortaeuschen geraete auswaehlen

Select the devices in the app

beispiele abwesenheit vortaeuschen
abwesenheit vortaeuschen app aktivieren

Use the app to switch on the scenario

kino rolladen

The shutters go up and down

Abwesenheit vortäuschen - Radio

The radio is turned on and off

abwesenheit vortaeuschen licht

The lights go on and off

Protect your awnings from wind and weather.

How to save awnings from damage when the weather turns bad

Do you want to be sure that your awnings are retracted when wind or rain are approaching – even if there’s no one home? Here’s how to do it. With an automated awning and a weather station, you can adjust the system to automatically retract the awning at a certain wind strength or amount of rainfall.  

sicherheit magenta smart home

Activate situation in the app

sicherheit mood use cases
sicherheit wetterstation

Weather station provides climate data

sicherheit markise faehrt ein

Awning retracts

sicherheit regensensor

Rain sensor measures precipitation

sicherheit windmesser

Wind sensor measures wind strength

Movie night through voice command.

The quick and easy way to create the perfect atmosphere

Just tell your living room to turn on its movie night atmosphere: the TV turns on; the lights fade and the blinds close.*

kino app

Movie scenario

beispiele wohnzimmer wird kino
wohnzimmer kino amazon echo

Movie atmosphere via voice control

kino rolladen

The shutters go down

kino licht

The lights change to a cinema atmosphere

wohnzimmer kino zwischenstecker

The TV is turned on

Good morning.

Getting up in the morning has never been so easy

At 6.30 a.m. precisely, your favourite song begins to play, lamps go on, curtains open, your bathroom heating switches on and the coffee maker heats up to operating temperature.*

morgen app

You set the time within the app

beispiele guten morgen begruessung
morgen kaffemaschine

The coffee machine is turned on

morgen licht

The light is dimmed up

guten morgen begruessung thermostat

The radiator in the bathroom is turned on

morgen rolladen

The shutters go up

Always keeping an eye on the appliances in your household.

Check on your washing machine and other appliances without taking a step

You want to know when your washing machine or dishwasher is done or what the steam cooker and fully automatic coffee machine are up to? Then all you need to do is check the relevant app, retrieve the status of the appliance and, hey presto, you’re in the know! Having your eye on things all the time and anywhere just couldn’t be more convenient.

beispiele komfort app

App showing the overview of connected devices

beispiele komfort mood2
beispiele komfort kaffeevollautomat

Check the status of the coffee machine

beispiele komfort waschmaschinepsd

See how much time remains until the washing machine is done

beispiele komfort geschirrspueler

See how much time is left on the dishwasher cycle

beispiele komfort dampfgarer

Check the status of the steam cooker

Greater comfort with less energy.

Heating control, temperature and humidity measurement

Control the temperature in individual rooms or your entire home conveniently with your Smartphone. Switch off the heating remotely should you leave it on by mistake. Or turn the heating on remotely shortly before you come home. Monitor humidity anytime, so you know when to ventilate. And when you open a door or window, the thermostat adjusts downward automatically. Make your home energy usage more efficient and convenient the easy way.*

Dashboard Home DE links

The app: the key to energy effiency

beispiele mehr komfort mit weniger energie
Dashboard Home DE rechts

Temperature and humidity at a glance

heizung temperatur luft temepartursensor

Measuring temperature and humidity

heizung temperatur luft tuer fenster kontakt

Contact switches detect opening and closing of doors and windows

heizung temperatur luft thermostat

Convenient operation via Smartphone

Even more smart options.*

komfort energieersparnis

Switching everything on and off

The moment you come home, you can switch on your lighting, TV or sound system and adjust your climate control and windows with a single click – the entire home environment instantly adapted to your preferences. And when you leave the house, just one click switches everything off again. The ultimate in convenience.

sample uc 3

Smoke detection at an early stage

Install smoke detectors wherever there is risk of fire. If a fire ever actually does start, you’ll be alerted immediately via your smartphone. Better safe than sorry.

sample uc 2

Scare off burglars

Whenever movement is detected outside your home when you are asleep at night, not only do lights go on in the hall, but the upstairs shutters open and the sound system begins to play. Not exactly what a potential burglar was hoping for.

informieren licht

Instant notification

Signal lights tell you that you have received mail when you are in your living room. Or that water is running in the bathroom when you are in your bedroom. The sooner you know the better, wherever you happen to be.

fotolia 64619359 Subscription XL

Good news for cat owners

Simply attach a door/window contact to your cat flap and set it up to send you a notification on your smartphone each time your cat comes home. Install a digital camera and you can even check on your little friend remotely.