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New partnerships and devices for increased security and comfort in your smart home

Good news for smart homes enthusiasts: "Home Connect", the intelligent platform provided by the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe, is now working with Magenta SmartHome and the Qivicon platform established by Deutsche Telekom. read more


The QIVICON smart home platform provides outstanding protection

Smart homes take over many mundane tasks, making our lives easier and more convenient. The top priority for smart home users, however, is providing high quality security for their homes and personal data. For the fourth year in a row, QIVICON has been certified as "secure" (01/2018) by the AV-TEST testing organization. read more


More partners, more devices, more security – Deutsche Telekom spices up Magenta SmartHome.

Magenta SmartHome offers more than 200 devices that make homes more secure and life more convenient, while at the same time saving energy. read more


Deutsche Telekom simplifies entry to smart home market

The Deutsche Telekom white label portfolio for smart homes makes it easy for business partners to enter the market with new services, like new pricing models, and the possibility to integrate smart home functionality into alternative gateways. read more


"Alexa, off to bed!"

Deutsche Telekom customers will soon be able to run their connected homes via an Alexa skill. Using only their voice they will be able to activate a range of preprogrammed situations and inform their smart home when they are present or absent. read more


QIVICON growing - new markets, new partner offers

QIVICON, Deutsche Telekom's manufacturer-independent smart home platform, continues its successful development. And Deutsche Telekom presents new partner offers and products at this year's IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. read more


Growing together: Communications group works with partners to expand Europe’s leading smart home platform

Working with partners to develop Europe’s leading smart home platform. This was the focal point that Deutsche Telekom formulated for an industry meeting in Berlin. Around 150 company representatives, industry insiders, and journalists attended the event, which was held under the banner “Smart Home – Smart Partnerships,” to discuss the growing importance and ... read more


Smart Home platform QIVICON now also available in the Netherlands

Consumers in the Netherlands can now experience smart home services available from KPN, the major Dutch telecoms operator, in partnership with Deutsche Telekom. read more


Energy sector betting on Qivicon

More and more companies are betting on the Qivicon Smart Home platform. With its new partners, Smappee, Plugwise, Grünspar, E WIE EINFACH and Stadtwerke Karlsruhe, the open, manufacturer-independent platform now numbers more than 40 partner companies. read more


The smart home market: how companies can profit

The connected home allows companies in many different sectors to grow. This is the key finding of a recent market analysis carried out by Deutsche Telekom. The 40-page report makes it clear that an open, non-proprietary platform will be the basis for success in the smart home market. read more


QIVICON: new partners and solutions for garden, home and car

The possibilities for networking smart homes are expanding continually. When this year’s IFA consumer electronics show opens its doors in Berlin, partners of the QIVICON smart home platform will present new and enhanced products and services. read more


Top marks and new partners for QIVICON

“Excellent security” is the rating awarded to the QIVICON Smart Home platform by the independent IT security test company AV-TEST GmbH. The platform provides secure communication and a high level of protection from unauthorized access, and thereby prevents manipulation by third parties, the testers found. read more


HUAWEI and Netatmo are new QIVICON partners

The crossvendor Smart Home platform QIVICON has two new partners: the Chinese provider of information and telecommunications solutions HUAWEI and the French manufacturer of Weather Station and Thermostat for Smartphone Netatmo. read more


From Your Car to Your Washing Machine: QIVICON opens up new worlds

The Smart Home has now hit the road. Car manufacturer BMW will in the future link the connected home with its vehicles. The driver will be able to regulate the lights or heating in different rooms, to switch appliances on or off, and will receive alerts if, for example, a window or patio door has been left open. read more


QIVICON Smart Home platform opts for Open Source

Deutsche Telekom has joined the Eclipse Foundation international open source community as a solution member and its cross-vendor Smart Home platform QIVICON has been opened up for developers and programmers as it continues to establish itself as a smart home control standard. read more


QIVICON wins innovation prize and gains new partners

International management consultancy Frost & Sullivan has announced smart home platform QIVICON as the winner of its European Visionary Innovation Leadership Award, naming QIVICON as the most innovative solution of its kind in 2014. read more


New partners and solutions for QIVICON

Cleaning technology provider Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG and power utility group Vattenfall are new QIVICON partners. The Smart Home platform now has 32 partner companies. Many already offer products for controlling a Smart Home. read more



QIVICON material for download

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    Home Automation
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    QIVICON Home Base AV-Test

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QIVICON management team

  • QIVICON Rockmann

    Thomas Rockmann

    Vice President Consumer IoT
  • QIVICON Carsten Otto

    Carsten Otto

    Head of Product Owner
  • QIVICON Dominik Knortz 800x800

    Dominik Knortz

    Head of IoT Hardware
  • avatar

    Alexander Khine

    Head of IoT Operations
  • bjoern soelch

    Björn Sölch

    Head of Overarching Development
  • QIVICON Melles

    Manuel Melles

    Head of New Business&Partner Management
  • QIVICON Kai Steuernagel

    Kai Steuernagel

    Head of IoT Transformation&Frontend Development
  • Frank Zimmer

    Frank Zimmer

    Head of Runtime&Backend Development